Chris Dealer Case  -  SOLD  -   Price Ask

This is a case we created to be a basic and rugged storage and transport solution with some flexibility.  I designed it with five removable boards which each hold 2x4.  Because the boards are fully padded each one acts as a case of it's own and we can provide extra storage bags to house individual boards.  Also you can elect to take out some boards and put cues in using sleeves which will up the capacity quite a bit.  Just use the boards as padding to keep the contents snug. 

The boards can also be used for display purposes and we provide elastic straps which velcro to the fabric and keep the displayed cues from moving.

Inside the lid is a retainer net for easy storage of joint protectors.

The bottom of the case is done with a full rubber pad that keeps the case sitting very stable and doesn't slip.


And that is the end of the pictures for the Chris Dealer case. Thank you for looking.

- John Barton