Other Cue Case Makers:

Nittany Leather - Brian Bonner is a relatively new guy who already executes like an old pro.
Whitten - Dan and Joe and family make the Jaguar of cue cases.  Easily the sleekest cases on the market a Whitten is very upscale.
Instroke - My former company and my designs of course. Not much has changed since 1993. Now a "classic" design and perhaps the most copied design in cue cases.
Sterling - A wide assortment of inexpensive pool cue cases - (made with my input)
GTF Cases - GTF has revived the Fellini and Centennial style of case.  - Shameless Plug - We did these and added some improvements to an already great design.  GTF cases are now the best in class for this style of case.
On Q Case -  Garth Bair is making fine cases and specializes in the inlay designs.
Dennis Swift - I have never met Dennis but have seen plenty of his cases.  Swift cases are well crafted, traditionally tooled workhorses.

Chas Clements
- Chas holds a special place for me. He is a leather artist and casemaker of the highest art.
We collaborated on a few cases while I had Instroke and each one was beyond compare and sold within one hour of being offered.  If you can get any work done by Chas you will have a treasure for life.

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