Leather Options - We can use any type of leather to make cue cases.  Most commonly we use vegetable tanned cowhide because it can be dyed, textured, and tooled.  A popular leather is oil tan which is characterized by it's slightly oily or waxy feel. We also use nappa which is commonly found on upholstered furniture and clothing.  Prints are leathers which have been embossed with textures.  Most often these are reptile patterns but they can be ostrich, zebra, and any exotic creature or texture.  We also use suede which is basically sanded leather with varying degrees of nap or fuzziness.  A very fine nap suede is called nubuk.  

We make regular trips to the leather market to look for nice and unusual pieces.  Other than vegetable tan and oil tan we don't really stock any particular types of leather.  So what you see on cases we have done may or may not be in stock.  We will do our best to locate the same or similar types should what you choose not be in stock but we can't make any promises.

Real exotics such as alligator, crocodile, zebra, elephant, ostrich, etc.... are available but are subject to import/export regulations and market prices.  We only increase the price of the case by the actual cost of the leather.  For example an Ostrich skin may cost $240 and that is what the cost of the case would increase by.  So a $400 case in real ostrich would cost $640 only. Compare this to other case makers which charge quite a bit more for the use of real exotic leathers.


Vegetable Tan - Saddle Leather - Tooling Leather
This Leather can be dyed and tooled.

Reptile Prints

Oil Tan

oil tan
veg tan