Although we try hard to make sure that most of these questions are answered elsewhere on the site this is an ongoing list of questions we get.  There is not any such thing as a bad question and we welcome all of them.  Since this is a new page it will be growing as I go back and find questions with answers to add.

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Is my case done yet?

:-)  This question comes up a lot because we are very slow and rarely make the promised delivery date.  The reason for this is mainly because I am very disorganized.  Secondarily and much more importantly we are slow because we spend a lot more time per case than our colleagues do.  I know this because I have taken apart just about every cue case made and I promise you that we spend WAY more time on the tiny details that you probably won't notice anyway.  But those details show up in how well the case works and how well it holds up for years to come.

So I apologize for my disorganization and promise to continue my attempts to hire people who can read my mind because that is probably the only way that things can go smoothly from my brain to the shop.

Kidding aside I can only promise that the wait is worth it.  I know that if you have an order in then you are very excited with anticipation.  If you are considering placing an order then maybe the long wait will put you off.  All I can say to that is that you will have a case made to last you a lifetime and if you give me time to do it right then it will be.