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This case was made for the Philippine professional player - Gillian Go of the Philippines.  Miss Go asked us for something like one of the cases which our colleauge Jack Justis had donated to legendary player Efren Reyes.  I told Miss Go the same thing I tell everyone which is that we don't copy, we innovate.   So along those line we did the following cases with diamond inlays, Miss Go's name in the font she chose from and a few added touches to tie it all togehter. 

The Philippine Flag is accurately represented in color and made to perfect scale.   Most people don't know that it is the only flag in the world which was designed to be flown two ways.  The blue side is flown up in times of peace and the red side is up in times of war. I didn't make this one so that Miss Go could flip it when in battle but her ability is evidence enough that she is battle ready and able to win.

I and my team would like to thank Miss Go for choosing JB Cases.  We are proud to be a future world champion's choice.


For reference, this is the case that Jack Justis made for Efren Reyes;

How did we do?

And that is the end of the pictures for the Gillian case. Thank you for looking.

- John Barton