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My tribute to Jay and Jack.

Ok, well I figure I have spent enough time carving my own style so I will try a little of someone else's for a few cases. This is the first of my Jay , Jack , and John cases.  Jay Flowers was the case maker for the first nice leather case I ever owned.  Jack Justis was the maker of another nice one I had in this style, several actually.  And then there is me and me and my ideas. So it's the Jay, Jack , and John case (JJJ , get it?)  Alright so it's a little cheesy but hey I am short on time.

And now for the weigh-in: This case comes in at the featherweight of just 4.4lbs.  This is due to the  JB Case padded interior. It works like a tube case and doesn't kill your shoulder walking into the poolroom.

The case is a 2x4 for 2 butts and 4 shafts.  It is a fully lined case with all the protective features that come with the cases we build.  Moisture resistant super soft liner that won't wear out, foam rubber to protect against impact, industrial strength rivets at the stress points, and durable tubing.  The leather is treated to resist soiling and liquids. 

And that is the end of the pictures for the JJJ case. Thank you for looking.

- John Barton