LIds and Latches.  

We do three types of lids and three types of closures.  One of the things I am most proud of is that we have developed what I call the Puzzle Latch.  We have two types, the magnetic Puzzle Latch and the Puzzle Twist latch. I have endeavored to eliminate any moving parts we don't control.   I have had more problems with broken latches and snaps than I want to remember.  Our current Puzzle Latch solutions solve this problem.  

The magnetic Puzzle Latch will not release by itself even with hard shaking.  See this video of me trying to make it release.  Puzzle Latch Demo

Lids  -  We do several lid types and are up to try anything.  One of our signatures is that we do a lot of unique lid shapes.  The three main styles are a pull-off side-closing style that hangs on the side,  a front-closing flip back style that is fastened on the back, and a zipper top.

Note:  You will see many of our cases with metal latches.  These were all done before we fully developed the Puzzle Latch.  I will do these on request BUT I will not guarantee them.  I do not manufacture these parts and I have no control over when they will fail,, which could be never, or could be five minutes after you get your case.  No matter what any case maker tells you this is the truth.  Line snaps, twist-latches, fold-over latches, push button latches - ALL of them fail at some point.  None of them are made for the type of use a cue case gets.

Flip Top 
Puzzle Latch


Side Opening
Puzzle Twist

Zipper Top