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This case was done based on one of  our prototype designs that we have done for Sterling Gaming.  Nathan liked the design and after some discussion we decided to do this one in leather.  Nathan is a dream customer who sent me his own blueprints on what he wanted to see on the case.  So we worked it up according to his wishes and came up with a nice hybrid leather case with a modern design.  To see what Nathan thinks of it scroll to the bottom.

And that is the end of the pictures for the Nathan's case. Thank you for looking.

- John Barton

Nathan's Review on the AZ Billiards Forum

I received this case from John Barton.

After a couple of weeks of use, because I hate reviewing stuff I haven't even used. . .It is great.  Better than expected.

1. How well does it protect?
It protects great.  What can I say, it is a JB Ultrapad interior.  It lives up to that name and more.  It has nice thick padding which keeps a gap between each piece. What is funny, is it does this all in a smaller case.  This case is a 3 x 6, but from the outside I would swear it is a 2 x 4.  Everything on this case is about protection.  If I knock it over at the pool hall, the pieces are held down in the case, even when it falls over.  With the zipper closed, it is as secure as is possible in a case.

I would say A++ for protection, but. . .of course, it's a JB.

[2. How strong are the handles, straps and latches? 
Everything is JB's best quality hardware, so no worries there.  The handles are sewn directly to the case which makes them feel very secure.  Thee back pack straps and pads seem to be a new method for John, but they pull the straps in tight and allow them to float loose.  They are a similar shape and design to a real back pack strap.  Good work on the pads and straps John!  I have to add an extra attaboy in here because I was especially picky about this point since I walk to the pool hall.

Definitely, A grade stuff here.

Lid zipper is solid:

3. How comfortable is the case to use?
I would say very good.  Everything goes in easy and works as expected.  The extra pockets are super.  If you get a case from John, get the FR surface pockets!  The only negatives are the backpack straps don't slide in and out as easily as a real backpack, but the are leather too, which might be more sticky.  Also, the Ultrapad is so firm, I have to pull cues out by the JP's.  This is the way I wanted it though.  There is another interior which is a bit looser.  Nice big zippers with pulls!

Jump Pouch:

L Zipper:

Front Inner:

Front Outer:

Outer Pockets:

I would say A for ease of use.  It is basically all A+, except for the sliding of the backpack straps which I think will improve with break in.

4. How well done is the fit and finish? 
The outside is tight to the tube.  The inside is well shaped.  The pockets were well designed and constructed.  I did special request they be extra tall pockets which makes them easily squished.  Still, I need the height.  All the details are right.  The sewing, tabs, zipper pulls, zipper on the side, rubber foot .. . everything was well executed.

I would say A.

5. How well done is the decoration? 
Most cases have tooling, or decoration.  This is a daily use case.  It's decoration is in the textured leathers and color patterns.  Everything turned out well.  Pretty good color balance.  The next one will be made from the $30,000 croc hide!

I would say B, but this is a utility case.  It does what it is supposed to well.  I wanted this to be a C or D level as far as decorative quality goes.  Besides I can't give all A's!;)

6.  Intangibles
This is where JB wins you over.  He was always easily accessible on Skype.  He was good about emails.  He understood what I was asking for.  He was very reasonable when changes were made to things he had worked on.  He did everything in his power to build my perfect case.  He built this one my way and can build yours as you wish!

A++ here.

This case does more than any other case on the market IMO, and JB Case was the right kind of company to build it.  I needed someone who would't be stuck on their previous designs and patterns.

Thanks John.

From John:  You're welcome Nate!  Thank you for the opportunity to protect your cues and for your patience.