Palace Garden  -   Sold  -  Price $3500

This case was made for a German collector who is into orchids.  Every orchid is unique and faithfully hand painted.  The reason that this case is called the Palace Garden is because it was designed to flow like taking a walk through a castle garden in Germany.  As you move around the case you will see that no pattern repeats itself and each section is unique.  Aside from the orchids and the wild roses there are two special flowers on this case.

One is the lotus which was taken directly from a tattoo on the owner's neck.  The lotus and this particular tattoo have a lot of meaning for the owner so we reproduced it on the case for him.  The second special flower is the peony which is as close to the national flower of China as it gets.  I chose the peony because this case was made in China in my workshop by my Chinese staff and it represents 5000 years of Chinese artists.  Zhen Hai Lee did all the tooling and painting on this case and I did all of the design. 

Take a look at all the details.  This is the most ornate case we have done yet. 
Thank you for visiting our Palace Garden, enjoy the stroll.

            Dear Ralf,

Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to make you this case.  It will remain forever unique in the world.  Even if we make similar ones those will never equal or surpass this one because of all the creativity, love and fun we put in to this one.


John Barton