The Amazon Sold - Price Ask

A black croc swims up the Amazon with the jungle on each side.  He surveys his water kingdom waiting for the next meal to carelessly get too close to his border.  This case is a neat combination of leathers and styles.  We did the sides in vegetable tanned leather tooled with big florals.  Then we inlaid a crocodile embossed piece into smooth nubuk.  We lightly sanded the nubuk to give the Crocodile the appearance of swimming through water - at least that's our story and we are sticking to it :-)  A nicely unique piece with an unusual look.

The case is a 2x4 for 2 butts and 4 shafts.  It is a fully lined tube case with all the protective features that come with the tube cases I build.  Moisture resistant super soft liner that won't wear out, foam rubber to protect against impact, industrial strength rivets at the stress points, a heavy duty closure, and spring loaded cavities.  The leather is treated to resist soiling and liquids. It is signed "John Barton  12-2007 1 of 1"

This case is for sale. Please contact me at to inquire about it or one like it.  The price is $850 and includes insured shipping to any place on Earth that a truck can get to.  Whether you are interested in purchasing this case or just like to browse fine work I thank you for visiting and spending some time with us.   

A few words from our sponsor - Mr. Protection

This interior is the nuts, to use a pool term for those who don't know.  That means it's the best.  Why? Well it protects from impact, some temperature change, abrasion, and accidental removal.  The parts are kept seperate and secure.  There are those that say "protection isn't everything".  I personally wonder what they would say if their $2000 cue accidentally fell out of their beautiful, but not overly protective, case and got damaged?  Of course everyone thinks it will never happen but life has a funny way of making things happen that never should.  So when I build cases I try to plan for most eventualities and keeping the cue snug and secure until willfully removed is one of the things I can do.  I could tell you a lot of stories about how folks had unusual things happen to their cases, cases I built, and the cues came out unscathed.  Email me sometime and I will tell you some.

Some other casemakers even don't really care too much about it.  I guess I could be compared to the cuemaker who is always trying to improve the "hit" of the cues as opposed to one who doesn't care too much about the hit and focuses on the look of the cue.  

With that in mind you can be sure that no matter what surface decoration goes on a JB Case it's sittiing on top of the best protection in tube-style cue cases that exists today.  

I know most of you all are into the looks first - hey we are all into our image.  This website celebrates the highest art in case decoration - handtooling.  I understand that looks are very important.  I just want you to know that you don't need to worry about what's under the hood.  It's taken care of. :-)

And that is the end of the pictures for the Amazon case. Thank you for looking.

- John Barton