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    To order a repair please choose add to cart and then fill out all the fields. INCLUDING the description field so that we know the details including the color of the strap as well if that's what we need to replace.  VERY IMPORTANT - IF you don't tell or show us what you need then we WILL NOT SHIP ANYTHING TO YOU.  

    IMPORTANT - please watch the videos here to learn how to put in a repair order and what to print out and include if you need to ship your case.

    -----> CASE CARE AND REPAIRS VIDEO <------

    Please use the box below to describe your repairs that need to be done. Please include the size and if it is a nylon, leather, or hybrid case.

    Please PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! 

    Take the time to tell us everything we need to know about your case so we know what parts to send to you.  It takes you a few extra minutes to do this and takes us a lot more and extra order processing time when have to ask you for this information.  When you place the order you can upload pics on the order page in your dashboard if you think that they will help, and they do help most of the time.  For example we cannot pick a strap or build you one unless we know what the strap you have looks like.

    For shipping of parts to you please choose INTERNAL ORDER
    and you won't be charged for the shipping to you.  Parts that require the case to be shipped to us are listed with "must ship to JB Cases."


    We reserve the right to choose the cheapest and slowest method of shipping for parts that are coming to you for free.  IF you want your parts faster then please choose any other method that you will be required to pay for.

    WHEN SHIPPING CASES TO US FOR REPAIR PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND THIS ORDER # in the pocket of the case.  If we cannot check in your case it will simply sit here with nothing done to it until you call us to ask about it and we find it.  We DO NOT provide loaner cases or pay for the shipping to us.

    Lastly, please read this carefully;  We reserve the right to REFUSE to repair any case deemed to be broken due to abuse or mishandling.  In other words if, for example, you checked your case in with the airline without it being inside a protective case, duffel bag, etc...and it gets torn up then that is a problem between you and the airline.  We are pretty good at spotting situations where the damage is not from normal use.  So unless you are 100% certain that the problem is our fault please be prepared for us to reject the claim.  And IF we reject the claim then it will be your responsibility to pay for the return shipping to you.

    Here is our address if you need to ship your case to us and please include our email, if you can so that we get an alert when you ship the case to us.
    6300 East Reno Suite B
    Midwest City, Oklahoma 73110

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