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    To start a trade in order please choose add to cart and then fill out all the fields below.  Incomplete information will make it harder for us to figure out what credit value you will get for your current case.  Please see the grading scale in the pictures and chart below to make an estimate of what condition you think your current case is in.  Percentages listed are based on the retail price without decoration and without shipping and are of the retail.  For example if your case would have been $300 with this criteria and it is in Good condition then you will get $120 as a store credit as long as we agree with your assessment of the condition grade.

    IMPORTANT - please watch the videos here to learn how to put in a trade order and what to print out and include if you need to ship your case.

    -----> CASE CARE AND REPAIRS VIDEO <------ yes we know this is the wrong video, we are making a new one.

    Please PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! 

    WHEN SHIPPING CASES TO US FOR TRADE CONSIDERATION PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND A PRINTED COPY OF THIS TRADE ORDER # in the pocket of the case.  If we cannot check in your case it will simply sit here with nothing done to it until you call us to ask about it and we find it.  We DO NOT offer credit before we have seen and evaluated your case.  Credit is in the form of store credit towards any new items we sell, including custom orders.  You may transfer store credit to others on written request with verbal confirmation.

    Lastly, please read this carefully;  We reserve the right to REFUSE to take any case deemed to be broken due to abuse or mishandling.  In other words if, for example, you checked your case in with the airline without it being inside a protective case, duffel bag, etc...and it gets torn up then that is a problem between you and the airline.  We are pretty good at spotting situations where the damage is not from normal use.  

    Here is our address to ship your case to us and please include our email, if you can so that we get an alert when you ship the case to us. We are not responsible for your case UNTIL it has been checked in on the order status page in your dashboard.  Please send us a tracking number whenever you send the case so that we can see what's coming.
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    Bethany, Oklahoma 73008

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