What is the general wait time for custom cases to be made?

-For rugged cases (this includes rugged cases made with tweed, Asian Zing, or other custom fabrics,) our typical turnaround time is an estimated eight (8) weeks. Given the current global pandemic, expected wait times are upwards of ten (10) weeks. Around week 6 or 7, you'll receive photos of embroidery, progress photos of the case build, and lastly, the final case prior to shipping out to you. We ask during this time that you don't contact us regarding a wait time. Anything else, and we're happy to assist.

-For leather cases, our turnaround time is twelve (12) weeks, as these take a significant amount of time to make, and make properly.


How do I know if a case is in stock or not?

-If you look right below the case listing, you'll see in stock and ready to ship in green - if it's not in stock, you'll see it marked in red.


Do your cases come with a Jump Cue Compartment?

-All of our cases come with a jump cue compartment on the side of the bottom pocket. Exceptions are for custom cases that specifically ask to omit one, or stock cases that come with a full-size pocket tray (listed in product description.)


Can I pay half now, and the rest after my custom case order is finished?

-Because we are a small team of custom case makers, time is essential and valuable to us. While we can take separate payments over time, custom case orders will only be started once full payment has been made.


If, after your team has confirmed with me multiple times, I then decide that I don't like the case, or I missed a detail, can I return it for a refund/remake?

-While our cases are super, our team is still human. The reason we send email confirmations, as well as photo confirmations is to ensure we don't miss a detail. It is ultimately up to you to catch any potential mistakes on your case during the time we send you your photos. You must understand that while you have your one order to keep tabs of, we have multiple. If, after you've received the case and a detail wasn't caught, we cannot exchange it.

-If you ordered a custom-made product from jbcases.com, we’re sorry, but we can’t accept your case for return. That means it was you, or someone who loves you, who decided that pink, neon green and brown would look good next to each other with 16 images on the front. Unfortunately, although we think your case is beautiful, we can’t take it back. All sales are final on custom-made cases, unless otherwise decided by our team on a case-by-case basis. (See what we did there?) We cannot accept returns or exchanges. This policy mirrors one of our favorite bag makers, which you can find here - Timbuk2: 


What if I am too demanding?

-We are generally pretty flexible and accommodating, but once in a while someone comes along that takes up an inordinate amount of time. Going with the principle that "time must be paid for," we may ask you to pay if it's going to take a lot more time for us to meet your demands. If that's not acceptable, we will refund your money, less the cost for the time already spent, and give you recommendations to our colleagues, so that possibly one of them can get you taken care of. There are no hard feelings, sometimes the relationship just doesn't work out. Luckily, there were no kids! But honestly - it really helps if you study the site, get all your criteria down before placing your order, and that will help us bring your dream case into fruition.


Okay, I ordered my case. What happens now?

-Once your order has been placed, if...

1) It's an in-stock order, we'll ship it out within two (2) business days.

2) If it's a backorder or custom order, see above for our estimated wait times. Within one (1) week of your custom order, you'll receive a confirmation email recapping the details of your order. Within the turnaround time (see above,) you'll receive photos of your embroidery/artwork (if you have any.) Next, you'll receive pictures of the general construction of the case prior to us cleaning it up, tightening seams, and adding the straps. Lastly, we'll ship out your case to you, to which you'll receive an automated tracking number directly to your email on file with us. We kindly ask that, during the turnaround timeframe, that you do not ask us about an estimated time of arrival. Any other queries, we'll be more than happy to assist with.


My case has been loved on a lot, and now it shows. What can I do to clean it up?

 -When in doubt, spot clean it out. We recommend using a damp cloth and mild detergent. Our interiors are removable, and can be hand washed with cold water, mild detergent, and hang-dried. Please do not place your interior in the dryer. Just - please. For the love of all things handmade, do not place your interior in the dryer.


What are the dimensions of a Rugged Case?

-Case sizes for our Rugged cases are as follows:

   4x8: Interior capacity: 31.5" | Body Length: 35.5" | Width (left to right:) 5.75" | Depth (front to back:) 3.5" | Weight: Roughly 7lbs.

   3x6: Interior capacity: 31.5" | Body Length: 35.5" | Width (left to right:) 5.5" | Depth (front to back:) 3" | Weight: Roughly 6lbs.

   2x5/3x4: Interior capacity: 31.5" | Body Length: 35.5" | Width (left to right:) 5.5" | Depth (front to back:) 2.5" | Weight: Roughly 5lbs.

   2x3: Interior capacity: 31.5" | Body Length: 35.5" | Width (left to right:) 4.25" | Depth (front to back:) 2.25" | Weight: Roughly 4.5lbs.

   1x2: Interior capacity: 31.5" | Body Length: 35.5" | Width (left to right:) 2.875" | Depth (front to back:) 1.75" | Weight: Roughly 3lbs.

**Weights can change based on materials and options chosen, please note.**