Choose A Case Style To Customize 

Below are some premade design templates to start with.  This tool works better on a regular computer. We are working on a better version for mobile devices. Be sure to register an account to save your designs.  Please go to the bottom of this page to read about our custom build process.

VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ - Due to the endless variations of screen configurations and lighting the color you see on the designer may vary from the actual color. 

We have done our very best to provide accurate representations of the physical color. 
Please refer to the many pictures on the Cases For Sale galleries to get a better idea of what the material color looks like under fluorescent lighting. 

Watch this first if you need to learn how to use the designer or want some more instruction.  Designer Video Tutorial. 

PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, our team will automatically fix/center text and images uploaded on your custom cases, so don't worry.  

If you need direct design help you may purchase our design time here - generally one 30 minute session is enough:  Buy Design Time



The design you send us is a sketch of what you want and has a preliminary price.  With all things human-related there can be errors in pricing.  While the price shown is likely to be accurate it could be inaccurate for a variety of factors.  We will check the order and if the price is correct we will accept it as is.  If the price is too high we will apprise you and refund you.  If the price is too low we will apprise you and request the remaining balance.

Our workshop is in China. We own it and we do not produce cases for anyone else nor does anyone else produce JB Cases.  Every case made is done primarily by hand and done according to the first in/first out method.  We do NOT offer any way to move ahead of the line like some of our competitors do.  You may choose faster shipping to be applied when the case is ready to ship.  We will do our very best to have the case in your hands by the ESTIMATED DELIVERY TIME.  This is why we insist on following the process so as to be as accurate as possible when estimating the order completion.  Any changes to the order AFTER you submit it can cause delays and we will apprise you of those delays.  Any time you do NOT answer your emails from us within a few days it WILL cause delays in your order completion.  ALL CHANGES MUST BE IN WRITING AND APPROVED AND CONFIRMED BY US AND YOU.

After the order is placed it will be processed in the following manner:  NOTE:  When we ask you for confirmation to continue we will assume that you have DILIGENTLY checked the order details against the construction photos and information we sent you.  We will NOT proceed without your confirmation.  IF you confirm and instruct us to proceed and you missed something then from that point on that is how the case will be made UNLESS you correct it before we have continued the construction.  Any structural change after that point will result in an additional charge.

1. You should receive an automatic email confirming that the order was placed.  If you don't get it check spam and check your account to be sure the email is correct.  Contact us if no email was received.
2. We will manually inspect your order and confirm it to you via email - you MUST reply and indicate if the details are correct.
3.  Once we receive your confirmation we will proceed with the order and start mocking up any decoration for your approval.
5. Throughout the build we will send you updates and ask for confirmation.  You must check each of these updates THOROUGHLY and tell us whether to continue OR alert us to anything that we may have missed and/or any changes you wish to have.  (changes may incur an extra charge)
6. When the case is almost done and prior to shipping we will show you and again ask for your confirmation.
7. When the case arrives at our showroom we will inspect it and send you pictures of the completed case.  At this point we are letting you know that the case is in our hands and unless we have determined that it cannot be shipped it will be shipped the next business day in most situations.  If for some reason the case cannot be shipped in that time frame then we will inform you of the reason and the expected ship date.
8.  When a label is created you will receive an email with the tracking number.  The tracking number will NOT be live until UPS or USPS has scanned the package into the system.  This typically happens by midnight of the day the label was created.
9. That's it, open the box and enjoy a lifetime of the best cue protection we could build for you.

Click on the parts tab to change the size, click on any part to change colors, write notes in the margins, add text to the case, upload your images, etc.... feel free to play around.  Be sure to register an account so that you can save your designs.  Use the duplicate function to compare designs.